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The Three Week Holiday Cleaning Guide

K's Diamond Shine, LLC specializes in preparing staged homes for viewing, adding a shine to AirBnB turnovers, and deep cleaning move outs. So, we wanted to offer you some valuable tips as we walk into the holiday season. Whether you are going to have a small family or friends gathering, having a clean home will certainly make your guests feel welcomed.

After all, you don't want filth to mess with your dish's flavoring. Bonus: The cleaner your home, the more comfortable and peaceful your guests will be. Alright, let's get started and keep this 'Year of Clean' going!

Three weeks prior to Cooking Day

  1. Decide: Which areas and rooms that need a deep cleaning? This may sound trivial, but a general inspection will guide you to the right direction. You will eliminate wasting time and energy thinking about cleaning every area of the house.

  2. Donate: Are any closets or drawers overfilled with clothes? Other items? It's time to donate...and just in time for the holidays! Tip: If you dedicate ten minutes a day to this task, you'll be surprised at how much you can get through in three weeks.

  3. Determine: What is in your cleaning supply closet? Do you have enough all-purpose cleaner? Does your vacuum cleaner work? Do you have a mop, broom, and dustpan? Do you have a pest problem? Do you need to call for plumbing or electric services? Determine what you need and add it to the to-do list for this week. Sometimes, it takes a while to get an appointment, but three weeks gives you plenty of time.

Two weeks prior to Cooking Day

  1. Welcome Fresh Air: If the weather permits and if pollen is low, open the windows. Let the air circulate as you clean each room.

  2. Kitchen: Yes, this room isn't going to stay clean once Cooking Day arrives. However, a deep clean before that fiasco begins will only prove beneficial in the end. Wipe down the stove, clean between the fridge and walls, deep clean the sink, toss old food and condiments from the fridge. Don't forget to disinfect fridge doors, cabinets, and all handles!

  3. Guest Rooms: Having a clean guest room checked off your list will be a huge relief when Cooking Day arrives. Don't dust. Wipe down the surfaces with all-purpose cleaner, vacuum, wash the linen and towels, and remember to clean out those dresser drawers. Close the door once you're done to prevent pet hair from creeping in. Guests with environmental allergies will be extremely grateful for this generous act.

One week prior to Cooking Day

  1. Restock: While you're shopping for your kitchen, purchase toilet paper, soap, light bulbs, or anything else that you need.

  2. Main rooms: Vacuum and tidy up the living room, dining room, and entry way(s).

  3. Details: Clean the blinds, windows, and ceiling fans. Empty your trashcans. Knock down any cobwebs that may be hanging around. If need be, spray insenct repellant and set bug traps.

Three Days prior to Cooking Day

  1. Final Dust: There are some areas that you may have missed. That's ok. That's why this guide has given you so much time. Glance over the surfaces and wipe down any surfaces that needs the final Diamond Shine.

  2. Outdoors: Sweep the porch and driveway. Clean the outdoor furniture. Tidy up the garden.

  3. Bedrooms: Maybe you were concerned about bedrooms which guests will never see. It's ok. You deserve a clean room as well. Three days prior to Cooking Day, take some time to clean the other bedrooms. These are used more often. So, it is best to clean them last.

Two Days prior to Cooking Day

  1. Relax: You have one day before all of the fun begins. Take a day to rest and relax. Take care of your mental health and do something you enjoy.

One Day prior to Cooking Day

  1. Let it Begin: This is referred to as Prep Day. As you prep the food to be cooked, remember to wash dishes, disinfect, and throw trash into the garbage as you go. Your guests arriving soon. So, you have a lot to juggle! But your house is clean. We got that task done!

The holidays can be stressful, whether or not it's 2020. But having a checklist can alleviate some of the stress. Comment below if you have anything to add to the list!

While K's Diamond Shine, LLC does not provide residential services, we clean staged homes, Airbnb turnovers, move out cleans in addition to industrial services. As always, contact us via phone, email, or social media if you would like us to do the heavy lifting regarding any of our services. After all, cleaning is what we love.

*The affordable cleaning services are only available in the Jacksonville and Orlando greater areas in Florida. More information regarding services can be found here.

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